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Core of a good reel is the solid construction. But if you could have something even better: solid construction and attractive price? The answer is: Sasori reel! Nicely fitted mechanism, precise rear drag and five top-class bearings guarantee smooth action and high durability. As we offer 3 different sizes of Sasori, you can use it for spinning, float fishing or ground fishing. And as added value - the reel looks really stylish. Important, isn't it?

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4 + 1

0.24/210 0.26/180 0.29/150





4 + 1

0.29/220 0.34/160 0.37/130





4 + 1

0.34/220 0.37/180 0.40/160


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 Fishunter / 73

Fishunter / 73

The work on this legendary lure began in 2006. The need to create a new quality in soft lures was born due to the obvious imperfections in the then-available lures, as well as the ideas and needs that emerged during long hours of predator fishing using the spinning method. The first prototypes were focused on creating an innovative shape of the lure by redesigning the arrangement of the body-tail-blade to get extremely aggressive work noticeable already at the time of fall. Thickened and overloaded body, in combination with the increased tail surface, brought completely new dynamics, giving as a result an extremely strong hydro acoustic wave more intensely provoking predators to attack. The other idea was to design a “nest” in the front part of the soft lure, adapting to the shape of the jig head by “sucking in” its part, which resulted in better aerodynamics and reduced the problems with removing the lure from the hook after unsuccessful predator attack. Then, the time came for such a selection of the composition and consistency of plastic, from which Fishunter was to be made, to obtain the ideal ratio between the elasticity and durability of the mixture. After many trials and tests, the first version of Fishunter was born, presented in our catalogue for the season 2007. This product has proven to be such an effective lure for predators that it became a bestseller on the spinning market from the very beginning, and until today, forms the basis of the fishing arsenal used by the spinning enthusiasts all over Europe.

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