Mikado Rod Pod Fourliner

Published by: Jan Zawada

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July 17, 2016

Mikado Rod Pod Fourliner

I enjoy short stays at the water – such fast and unplanned trips often bring unexpectedly good results. Whenever the weather is favorable (the wind blows from the right direction) I pack the equipment and get to the water.


I pick fisheries I know well, in which I know where and how to fish. In order to make the most of the limited fishing time I only take the necessary equipment, picked out for this particular fishery. Complete rods for fishing and baiting ( on which I had already marked the distance at which I will be fishing) let me prepare the fishery very quickly and set up the rigs in the place I’ve chosen.


A mat, a landing net, and lures are elements without which fishing carps is impossible. This basic equipment is completed with small accessories (a scale, leader materials, sinkers, hooks, etc.), a bite indicator, and something to secure the rods in the fishery. This is where we can choose from traditional rests or a number of various models of rod pods. Rests are certainly the best solution, provided that you can easily set them up in the fishery.


Carp rod pods are more universal, but their weight and size often mean that they lose in a confrontation with the popular banksticks. Mikado Rod Pod Fourliner is a carp rod pod which has accompanied me to every single trip this season.


This rod pod with practically endless possibilities of expansion and adaptation in any terrain weighs only 3 kg. Packed in a practical and strong case it doesn’t take up much more space than 4 standard rests. It allows you to place 2, 4, or (with additional buzz bars) 3 rods.


One great advantage of Fourliner is that it enables you to set the rods up securely at various angles. The main frame is adjustable, so even rods of different lengths remain stable. Additionally, each pair of feet can be elongated and moved around, which lets you place the pod on any ground.


Another option I use on quick trips is the possibility of setting up just the buzz bars on the adjustable feet of the so-called gates; if the ground is hard I just use the bar and take such a “sawhorse” to the fishery.


So, rests or a rod pod? For me it’s definitely Fourliner.

Jan Zawada


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