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You are Mikado / about us

The Abramis company was founded in 1989 and is a manufacturer, importer and distributor of quality fishing gear within the ‘Mikado’ brand. Mikado rods, reels and accessories quickly became very popular thanks to their high quality and durability, gaining many loyal customers in different countries. The brands main export markets include most European countries as well as North and South America.

The company’s headquarters are located in Lomianki, just 15 minutes from the center of Poland’s capital- Warsaw. Abramis currently employs around 80 staff members in both the HQ and it’s commercial office in China, it also possesses it’s own chain of distribution through sales representatives in Poland and Slovakia, and exclusive and non-exclusive importers in other countries.

The Mikado brand nowadays is widely recognized, it has been a long road however to get to where it is today. When the company began it’s journey over 25 years ago it’s founders- dedicated anglers themselves, had a vision of bringing high quality fishing gear at prices within reach of an average Polish angler. While the times were turbulent, with the ending of communist regime in Poland the opportunity arose to run a small business, utilizing contacts with different manufacturers. The market began to grow, and while Poland went through the economical transformation, more and more anglers started to notice the quality Mikado was offering was identical or at times even higher, than what famous western brands, usually far more expensive, were offering. The founders’ recipe for success was quite simple- make fishing gear, which you would most like to use yourself, when fighting the fish of a lifetime. Using vast knowledge from angling tournaments, they made gear which didn’t have to be expensive- it had to be reliable. Over 25 years later much has changed in and around the company, but everything is still run by this basic principle, and anglers who believe in it. We invite you to get to know our offer, we’re sure it will meet your requirements- while giving us the satisfaction, that Mikado gear once again served another fellow angler properly.