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You are Mikado / about us

Established in 1989, the Mikado brand manufactures, imports and distributes angling equipment. Fishing gear with Mikado logo quickly gained great reputation through its reliability and effectiveness, becoming a benchmark of quality for many anglers. Years of presence on a market embedded the brand deeply in hearts of customers. Popularity and trust gained over that period got their reflection in multiple prestigious prizes won both in Poland and across Europe.


Since the very beginning we are focused on a clear growth strategy and an innovative approach to the technology used. Having a Total Fishing as a motto means also a broad production range that can cater to needs of any angler, using any technique available. Our manufacturing process is based on highest-quality components and their innovative application, supported by years of tradition and experience.

Mikado’s range is addressed to anglers using any technique, covering areas from spin fishing, through catfish fishing, carp fishing, Method Feeder, feeder, float fishing, fly fishing and further on to sea fishing, surfcasting and ice fishing. Crafted with support of the best Polish and European anglers, wide variety of products manufactured by Mikado is made of an exquisite gear, ready for professional fishing and designed for any angling technique there is. In our catalogue you can find rods, reels, fishing lines, lures, exceptional braided lines made of state-of-the art materials, handy accessories (bags, landing nets, clothing for anglers and hunters) and many more.

We put a lot of attention to every detail, making sure that our products stand out not only in terms of exceptional quality; we do care about an eye-pleasing, stylish design and about a pleasurable experience that our gear offers. Our Mikado Fishing Team of testers specialized in variety of angling techniques makes sure, that the final product is thoroughly checked and of the highest quality possible. Thanks to extended trial periods that our products undergo and feedback from our testers, our range perfectly fits current trends and exceeds expectations of anglers catching variety of fish with a number of techniques in any conditions.

Anglers satisfaction is our main goal; hence we do our best to make sure that our range meets all the requirements there are, but also to keep is as technologically innovative, as possible. We wish for our customers to – through the Mikado brand, have an access to the best products, covering the total fishing experience. That is why we are joining forces with other brands in order to enrich and diversify our offer even more. We believe that these days, a good manufacturer is not only responsible for manufacturing process; he also bears responsibility for research and development projects. Following that belief, while choosing our suppliers, we look for those who strive to grow and follow the continuous technological improvement philosophy. Recently Mikado, acting as a distributor, began partnership with the Garmin, introducing to its range, their electronic and navigation tools. We also established closer relation with the BKK (Black King Kong) – the high-quality hooks and treble hooks manufacturer, with whom we previously had prepared a few product series. After a few years of a great cooperation, both sides decided to tighten that cooperation and since the September 2018 Mikado became an exclusive distributor of the BKK hooks in Central Europe.

Besides great deal of effort that we put into gear manufacturing process, we actively support angling promotion events. For many years now we bear patronage over a number of prestigious contests and we provide prizes for the contestants. We became a General Sponsor of the National Angling Team in bank spin fishing category. We support organizations and fishing schools that are actively promoting angling among young people. We create and share positive behaviour patterns by water, that aim to care for both fish and fisheries condition. We participate in multiple events promoting every type of angling, maintaining the priceless for us, contact with anglers.

We encourage you to get familiar with our constantly growing range or products branded with the Mikado logo. We can assure you that we will make whatever is possible to make our equipment durable and sturdy, so that it can bring you joy of angling and comfort of reliability, supported by an innovative approach and a pinch of tradition, for many years to come.